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Herb’s bi-lam

My buddy Herb out in DC is my next victim umm, I mean volunteer to be a test pilot. He really liked the way Cleo’s frame looked, and asked for the same treatment. So here it is, I’ve got the front end done.

I really like how the bb cluster came out, so I’m still on the fence about filing it. I probably will, but for now I’m gonna leave it. Next, chainstays and dropouts.


Jack’s bike

I was flipping through pics on my laptop and ran across these pics of Jack’s bike. I’d forgotten to post them, so here they are. I really like how he and Perry got all creative with their Sharpies.

Brent’s fork

yeah, I got this fork done right before I finished Cleo’s frame, but the pics got misplaced. One of those parts of computing that I seem to excel at, importing stuff to the wrong folder and losing track of it.

I’m really happy with the way this fork turned out, It’s got a distinctive look, and it doesn’t overpower the frame like I was afraid it would.

The fender bolts thread straight into the leg.

(Oh yeah, I just figured out I can go back and edit posts after they’re made! W00T!)

There’s another one of those on the back of the crown, also for the fender bolt.

I used a ton of brass on the joints, the cross tubes were short so I wanted to blend both joints together into one big transition.

That’s it. I’ve started another frame already, so there’ll be pics of that up soon.