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650 in the bag

I didn’t post any in process shots of the 650b because it went by so fast and well, I’m kinda lazy about blogging. What I do have, are a few shots of the rear brake mount going together. Paragon Machine Works sells a Willits style disc brake mount designed for forks, but since I don’t listen well I use them on the rear also.


As you can see, it’s not lining up with the seatstay like it needs to. So, I set it up in the fixture, and scribed a line around the dropout and tube.

Now you can see that while part of the tab line up where they should, the top doesn’t. That’s because the seatstay is curved, and the brake tab is straight. Not for long! Before…


And there you have it, one curve matching brake tab.

Put a big ol’ fat braze on it and it looks like the rear end just grew a brake mount.


Here’s the whole thing, ready to send off to the coater’s.

More again soon.