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A long weekend is the prefect time to make a bunch of progress.  So I got the front triangle of Adam’s frame brazed, and the fillets turned out pretty good. I’m really happy with the amount of filing I won’t have to do, especially around the bottom bracket. They’re gonna smooth up nice.

right after brazing

right after brazing

after soaking
after soaking




Perry’s frame is almost done. I got the seatstays on, and all that’s left is adding some braces, the dropout adjusters and head badge.  This is by far the shortest rear end out of the 3 29’ers I’ve built so far, in fact a Bontrager XR 2.2 rubs the seat tube with the dropouts all the way forward. The seatstays are Dedacciai 19mm s-bends, and I even did a little flattening of the inside of the upper bend for tire clearance.  Turned out ok, but I will make a specific die for this before I do it again.








I also managed to add the seatstays without burning any of the silver out of the seat tube sleeve, and that’s a huge plus. I read a write up by Steve Garro not too long ago about the way he does it, and I kept that in mind as I was going. While my fillets aren’t near as smooth as his, I’m very happy with the results.



So that’s just from Friday night and Saturday. I put in an 11 hour day in the shop Saturday, and the only ride I got in was down to Billy Sim’s bbq for lunch. (It was supposed to be Elmer’s but they were evidently closed for the weekend) So today and Monday, I’m gonna get a ride in, and try not to spend my whole weekend working. It could be worse though, I could be working on something I hate:)



Well crap. I got started on Adam’s frame last Saturday and I got a ton of stuff done in one day. BB, head tube, down tube and seat tube all mitered and ready to go. I went to start on the seat tube sleeve and realized I didn’t have enough tubing to make one. I had enough to make everything but the E at the bottom, and then I found a small piece cut off the last one. (Hooray for saving tube scraps) I decided since the E is not structural, I could just make the sleeve in 2 pieces and braze it together. For some strange reason, unlike most everything else I’ve been doing, this whole deal went completely according to plan. Seriously, not one single hook or curve. It’s like the cosmos aligned just for me this weekend. 


There it is, and see that little gold line?


That’s where I brazed it. No one will ever know if they don’t read this:)

So after that, I got the water bottle bosses brazed into the seat and down tubes. The front end is ready to tack up, when I get around to it. I also got the seatstays for Perry’s frame, so this weekend is gonna be full. It’s pretty cool to see everything flow well, and not feel like I’m getting kicked in the nuts every other step. That being said, I’m sure I’m in for a rude awakening soon. 

More this weekend:))