Fillet brazed steel bikes, handcrafted in Oklahoma.

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OK, so it’s been a while.  I’ve been trying to get the Dart rewired and have been putting in lots of hours at work, so I’ve been a bit distracted as of late. I got the wishbone going for Brent’s cross bike, it’s soaking in the sink as I type.

There it is, getting set up in the fixture.  That’s my fork fixture doing double duty, since the wishbones are very similar to forks.

I set up one side at a time, letting gravity help me keep things in place.

Here, both sides are tacked up and ready to braze once I remove the lower tubes.

I warm everything up real good and give the whole joint a tinning pass. That helps keep the tubes from pulling as the brass cools. (metal expands as it heats up, and shrinks as it cools, so you put it on hot and the shrinkage can pull it out of alignment as it cools) Then I give it another coat of flux and lay down the fillets.

It ends up looking like that. Then it soaks. After a lot of file and sandpaper action, it looks like this:

Then assemble it all in the jig again, give it a good fluxing

and braze.

I still scorch the outside a bit doing silver sometimes. It’ll be ok though.

There you have it. A little heavier than a standard pair of seatstays, but much cooler looking imo. The tops of the stays will get a radius filed out of them, and then I’ll cap them off. I drilled the holes for the rack mounts on each side of the monostay, and dropped it in the sink to soak the flux off.

It’ll be flux-free in a while, and then I’ll pull it out to dry. That’s it for today, hopefully there will be more to report very soon.