Fillet brazed steel bikes, handcrafted in Oklahoma.

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IMG_8500IMG_8499Man, that joint cleaned up real nice. It didn’t even take very long. That’s gonna rock when I get where I can do that every time.



IMG_8497IMG_8498I even made a set of dies to put the curve in them on my arbor press. They should fit a 1 1/8″ head tube pretty nicely now.

Sorry Brian…

IMG_8496These puppies showed up today, courtesy of Mike at Nicola Cycles. No more cutting these things by hand with a jewler’s saw and tiny little files. No Brian, I can’t say they’re ‘hand cut’ any more, but I also don’t spend 6 hours cutting one and the next 3 days digging slivers of stainless out of my fingers. I’m liking the trade:)

Not too bad.

IMG_8494That’s one of my better ones, and it’s gonna clean up fairly quick:)

more from last night

Coated with flux and ready to braze, and post braze cooling off. At this moment it’s soaking in the sink, to remove all the flux. I’ll take it out in a bit and start filing on it. It should look pretty good.


IMG_8486I got more done than that, but that’s all I have time to post right now. More later.

7 days later…

and I haven’t done crap. I have actually, but it doesn’t look like much. I’m ready to put Brent’s head tube/down tube/bb assembly back in the jig and add the top tube and seat tube sleeve.  I’ll get that done tonight maybe, and get the top tube and everyhting brazed together this weekend. I hope. My new iPod kicks ass, too.