Fillet brazed steel bikes, handcrafted in Oklahoma.

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Don Walker in Smoked Out

Don Walker is the man behind the NAHBS, and a great builder. Famous for track bikes, he builds some smooth fillet brazed machines. Check out his Q&A.


Same ol’ Edoz, with new duds!

So I haven’t gotten the seatstays put on this latest frame. They’ve been ready to miter for a couple of days, but I’ve stalled because of that old familiar excuse: “I’m gonna make a fixture for that this time!” I’m working on a fixture to miter seatstays on the lathe, the ss/seat tube joint is the most time consuming and sometimes frustrating bit of trial and error in my whole process. So I want to cut both stays at the same time on the lathe.  Hopefully I’ll have it going soon with pics.

Also, Herb’s boss got interested in his racing, so he gave him the funds to make a few jerseys. They came in, and he sent me pics.

Coming soon to a mtb race near you. (If you race in the DC area)


This frame is ready to put the seatstays on.

After seatstays it’ll get braze ons then prepped and made ready to ship out to my East Coast Test Organization in DC. I’d have more pictures, but it’s getting harder and harder to get my camera to play nice. More updates soon.

Steve Garro – Smoked Out

The newest installment of Smoked Out highlights none other than Steve Garro of Coconino Cycles. Steve is a major influence of mine, and a HUGE contributor to the development of new builders and the framebuilding community as a whole.


Vaporware is a word used to describe products, usually computer hardware or software, not released on the date announced by their developer, or announced months or years before their release.

I have unfortunately, resembled that remark a few times. This one looks like it’s on the right track though.

So this next frame is going to DC as well. It’s soon to be owned by a member of Herb’s DC circle, which is shaping up to be my East Coast Test Organization, or ECTO as I will refer to it from here on out.

I put the first couple of tacks down, and I’ll be ready to braze the front triangle in a few minutes. I figured I’d take a blog break before I started laying down hot bronze. Break’s over…

Dave Kirk Smoked Out

Here’s an interesting writeup and Q&A with Dave Kirk. It’s worth a read, and so are the rest.