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Delete saved game? This cannot be undone.

One of the things I like about NAHBS (besides the endless bike porn) is the other builders. It’s about the only time more than a handful of us are in the same place all year, and it’s a great time to catch up with friends, rekindle bromances and gain wisdom from some of the wisest sages in the industry. It’s one of those visits to a great oracle that leads me to this post.

You may (or may not) have noticed that the pricing/ordering page is gone. Yup, you don’t have to check (but you will) it’s gone like Alderaan.

There are going to be some changes at Edoz Bicycles, and they’re for the better. One of the drawbacks to having a good day job is that it’s easy to underprice your work, and allow your day job to subsidize your other business. You can also willingly let the business details slide because you have your main income acting as a safety net. It becomes easy to lose track of how much is coming in and how much is going out, and there have been plenty of good framebuilders get in over their heads like that and disappear. Then you end up with threadnaughts on the internet trying to locate said builder, armchair barristers giving dubious advice,  jilted customers spitting venom and hordes of trolls piling on for good measure.

Not on my watch.

So, there’s going to be a price increase. It’ll be noticeable, but it will help ensure that the business can support itself, and that I’ll be around to provide customer support far into the future. (Not like time machine far, but you get the idea) It will also provide the means to grow the business with new equipment and products.

I’m also getting rid of the base powdercoat option. This is for the best, after all it’s a custom frame. Go big or go home.  The up side is that the standard finish will be good stuff, and probably no upcharge for ceramic or film dip finishes.

It looks like I’ll also be adding Reynolds to my available tubing choices, and I’m excited to work with their products.

Details will come as soon as they’re finalized, in the mean time stay tuned for another Team Flying Dog frame and maybe even another one for me.


NAHBS #1 in the bag

The fat bike frame made Bike Radar, and I’m pretty happy even though they got my name a little wrong and totally misquoted me about the film dip process;)



Here’s my new builder table at the show. It’s kinda plain, but they all are. Firstj thing Friday morning I was talking to a guy from Bike Rumor and he was taking pictures. I can’t wait to see what shows up.

Yeah, I’m a slacker

When it comes to blogging, anyway.

I’ve finally started a fat bike for myself, and while I have plenty of pictures of the front end, I”m going to share some seatstay pics today.


Start with some 5/8″ .035 4130



Put the lower bend in


There you have it

Now, it’s time for the upper bend


Now you have what I’d put on a normal mountain bike

After some looking, and holding up and measuring, I decide they need to go back into the press for a little more upper bend

There ya go, they should wrap around a fattie like Tommy Chong’s hand.

All in an hour’s work. I’ll get another post up soon and show you the rest of the frame.