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Slapping my inner tool whore (and bonus Smoked Out)

If you know me, you know I love tools. I’m not that much different than most guys, except that I will pass over a chainsaw for a good axe. I’ll go right past the brand new nail guns at Home Despot in favor of a vintage hammer at an estate sale. It’s “how I roll” as the hipsters say. Anyway, Anvil makes most of the best framebuilding tooling around. They have a brake bridge fixture, and it’s real nice. It’s $550 though. That’s not how I roll at the moment, unfortunately. One of the things I’ve learned in my metal fab career is that there is rarely a better thing to use to fixture something than what actually goes there. Hence my Okie brake bridge fixture.

The bridge itself is another story. I bought a bridge for this frame, but when it came time to install it I decided it looked just a tad wimpy. It’s strong enough, by far, but it just had a delicate look to it and I wanted a little more beef. So I did what poor boys learn to do, I made it work with what I had laying around. That happened to be some 1/2″ cromo tubing. I cut the center section out of the bridge and cut short pieces of the larger tubing to slip over the stubs.

You can see how that went together in the first picture. Then it all gets brazed up.

Now it’s soaking and tomorrow I’ll file it all down real pretty and add cable guides.  That’s it for today, I’ll leave you with another Smoked Out entry. This time it’s Alexis Dold of Villin Cycles.


The light at the end of the road bike

Mike’s road frame is nearly done. All that’s left is the brake bridge and cable stops.

It’s getting real close, should be ready for a fork this week. I also got some goodies from Max Manufacturing in Bend OR.

Thanks Dave, they look great.

Huckleberry Cycles – Smoked Out

Here’s another amateur, this guy’s just getting started building some cool bikes for himself. The few pics I’ve seen of his stuff are pretty cool, so check him out.

More Edoz content real soon.

A little bit closer

A bit more of the Zona road frame.  Got the dropouts brazed to the chainstays and the stays mitered and fit to the front end. It’s all set up in the fixture for when I have a bit more energy. Probably this weekend.

If I built them faster, the tubes wouldn’t get all grody before I finished.

Yeah, I really need to refine my axle mounting. I have a pretty good idea what i”m going to do with it, but I’m going to go ahead and finish this frame first.

The sandpaper files:

Today was a day of finish work. The fillets on the front triangle are filed and sanded smooth. Once paint goes down, you won’t even be able to tell that the tubes didn’t grow out of one another.

Enjoy, while I flog myself for not remembering to set the white balance on that fancypants camera.

Some brazing shots

That’s what I’ve got today, I got Mike’s front end brazed and took a few pics.

The front end is soaking and that’s it for today.

Wade Patton Velo – Smoked Out

Another builder’s story. Really a builder this time;)  This guy is a lot like me, a maker of things by nature that’s kinda out there on his own with framebuilding. This guy’s got some soul, and if you’re in the market for a bike in 5 years give this dude a look.

I’ll have a few pics of my own up by the end of the weekend.