Fillet brazed steel bikes, handcrafted in Oklahoma.

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And now, a rarity!

Yeah, something with paint on it. Jeff’s single speed road frame back from powdercoat. Damn, they did a good job. I didn’t accurately capture the gold metallic in the clear over everything, but it’s there. It’s dead sexy, too.


And finally, a bike for me












I’ve finished my geared mountain bike. I decided to leave the frame pretty much entirely unfinished, and just spray clear over it. I’ll ride it for a bit, and then get it painted proper when I decide on a color. The raw look is cool, but it’s definitely not something long term. It’ll go to shit fairly quick, so paint/powdercoat/other is in the not so distant future. It should be in final form for the Texas Custom Bicycle Show in October, but for now I can show off my brazing work.


New tricks


Behold, the new 44mm head tube from Paragon Machine Works. I’m finally building myself a geared mountain bike, and I’m using this.  Stay tuned.

A new life

That’s where they go when I’m done. Off to some other place, near or far, to start a new life with a rider. To be cherished, abused, ridden hard, hardly ridden,  put away wet or dry. You never know. This is my first Colorado bike, and I’m sure it’ll plenty of other places because it’s going to be kept by a traveler. A quick shot of powdercoat, and a build kit is all it needs.