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“Floaty, and it looks like the sky”

The disc brake road bike came back from Airedale Paint down in Austin just long enough for me to put parts on it and send it off again. I did manage to get a few pictures, too.


Campy Chorus 11, DT 240 hubs, Avid BB7 road brakes, Open Pros and 3T bars, stem and post.


There you can see some of the dropout/chainstay connection, I’m really happy with it and will try to do as many as I can that way.


And I left the joints completely un-filed.

Check out the Edoz Facebook (If you’re into that sort of thing) page for some pics of this bike at Ride the Rockies.

There’s also @edozbicycles on Twitter (which I really suck at updating) and maybe I’ll start another page on the blog for owner supplied pics and such. For now though, I”m off to see Prometheus and watch some more Tulsa Tough:)