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The end of the road (frame)

The Zona road frameset is done and ready to be backed up and shipped to it’s new place in the stable of ISM Racing.

This is the first fork that I used my lathe to cut the crown race seat. It took a bit to get it all figured out, but it came out good in the end.

That’s Mike’s fork spinning about 600 rpm. You have to check very carefully to make sure the ends of the fork clear everything and that the imbalance isn’t going to work anything loose.

There is is, all done and ready for paint.

Here’s a little peak into a future project

Someone is getting a new single speed this winter:)

That’s about it for today, I’ll leave you with a coupe of more pics that I like.


Shows over! Nothing to see, move along.

Yup, I guess it is. The whole weekend flew by and I’m already back to the daily grind. I’ve got a bunch of pictures (of questionable quality) and a whole slew of new pals. There were about 18 builders there, covering pretty much every material (except for aluminum, but it’s better that way) and most all types of bikes. Track, road, cross, mtb, fixie and touring/commuter bikes were all represented. At some point I’ll get some pics up on Flickr, (maybe) but I’ll share a few highlights with you now.

Tim Massengill brought a full carbon race bike with a Ritchey BreakAway style coupling. True Fabrications and Daltex brought some cool paint. Gallus brought the little 20″ S&S coupled touring bike, and a Daltex customer brought some righteous tats. Oh yeah, and there was a guy on the deck of the fitness center riding a spin bike while watching the cross race. I’d like to have an amusing commentary on the lameness of that, but I really don’t know where to start.

I met some cool guys, and there were some really nice bikes there. Thanks to Glenn at Daltex for setting everything up and doing so much work to make it all go well. I’d like to write more, and link all the other builders, but it’s late so I’ll settle for a link to the show site. All the exhibitors are linked on the front page, check them out. They all do great work, and you’ll probably see something you must have.

Buy your next bike from a small builder. Buy your next bike from someone who asks what you want, designs for your body and riding style, and loves building bikes. Buy your next bike from a skilled craftsman who makes an honest wage for a quality product. It’s either that or a Taiwanese guy who pulls 150 frames out of the same mold every day, in unsafe miserable conditions, and gets paid jack shit for the trouble.


See the nitro burning, wheel standing, supercharged…..oh wait. Wrong event. Sorry, now back to your regularly scheduled bicycle show announcement.




That’s a road frame just waiting for a fork. I’m hoping to get it done early this week, but I”m also trying to get ready for a show. We’ll see.

Tour debrief

Well, the tour went fairly well. A bit too much gravel road and a trip to a winery were offset by a couple of cool old bridges, a great burger, some damn fine salsa, an order of fries that were some of the best I’ve ever had and the biggest wolf spider I’ve ever seen. No rack mounts failed, so as promised I’ll show you the setup.

A simple nut welded to the dropout. Yes, that’s a Nuke Proof hub.

A piece of tubing with a bolt brazed head first into one end. The other end is flattened, with a hole drilled through for an extra long seatpost binder bolt. . The rack tube is cross drilled, and the brazed in bolt goes through the hole.  This bike’s replacement will have full rack and fender mounts.

That’s it for now, more this weekend. I’ll leave you with another Smoked out link, this time the man himself, Richard Sachs.

Richard Sachs – Smoked Out

Banner up!

I got a banner today. Prompted by the upcoming Texas Custom Bicycle Show, I called my buddy Rick at Bolted Spine Designs here in Tulsa. Rick took my lame-o amateur design and whipped it into a pro looking banner to hang up at the show.

I also got everything brazed on Mike’s road frame. All that’s left is an hour with some emery paper and she’s done.

Head badge and cable stops pre clean-up. More tomorrow.

Oh yeah, nothing broke on the tour, I just can’t be arsed right now to post anything.

Smoked Out and losing my (touring) virginity

Not much building content today, it occurs to me (albeit not naturally) that I should occasionally talk about myself and my insights and philosophies. Also it might be nice to show that I actually ride bikes once in a while, because everyone knows not to trust a skinny chef.

I’m going on my very first bike tour tomorrow. Yeah, I should be in bed but I’m not. I’m pretty much packed and letting a big burger with fried egg and buffalo mozzarella settle in my tummy. It seems that sitting around in your underwear and late night internet sessions go together like peanut butter and jelly. So I’m having one last internet and underwear sandwich before I leave for the weekend.

I hope nothing breaks and that I don’t hate it. I will at least have good panniers, I borrowed some really nice Ortliebs from a friend. They are made from tarp like material, so my stuff won’t get wet at least. I also get a chance to “rock” my vintage Cannondale rear rack. It’s white, which matches my bike. I’m not usually fashion conscious like that, but this rack is pretty cool in a nerdy sort of way. My cross bike didn’t have rack mounts until this afternoon, but luckily it was slow at work and I have a TIG machine there. I may post some pictures when I get back, or not. If everything goes well, I’ll at least post pics of my last minute add on rack mounts. If you don’t see them, that probably means they broke and dropped my panniers into my spokes and catapulted me into some parallel dimension or something.

With that I’ll leave you with a Smoked Out for the weekend. Jay from Dallas tells people about the Waltworks tubing project that got him started and the 3 frames he’s built as a result.