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DIY gone too far?


So after the isp experiment on my monster cross bike, I decided to up the ante. I found a set of spare hardware for an old style USE seatpost.

I bought 3 ft of 27.2 mm 3v/2.5al titanium tubing

and started drilling

This is what came out

Yes, this post is now cut down to a more reasonable 350mm (ish) and it’s ready for testing on my mtb. I probably will spare you pictures of my mutilated inner thighs and genitals should it fail.

UPS also brought tubes for the next 2 builds, so I should stop screwing around and get busy. Y’all come back now, ya hear?


Out on the streets

That’s where this latest frame is going. It’s a 700c commuter frame with track dropouts and clearance for 45s.

A mix of Columbus Zona, True Temper RC2 and good old 4130. It should be a faithful servant for many years.


Dropouts from Paragon are thick. These took a lot of heat to get rolling, they’re a full .25″ thick. The brake bosses are paragon as well, with replaceable studs.

This will be that last frame to go out unpainted. From now on, I’m gonna take it to a local powdercoater or send it to a painter. My ghetto stage has to end sometime.

Daltex – Smoked out

I’ve got some stuff to prepare for an update, but I still need a bit of time to get it all together. In the mean time, check out Daltex’s Smoked Out thread. Glenn’s a pal down in Dallas.

Daltex Handmade Bicycles

Gettin’ back on the blog horse

I’ve slipped on keeping up with this, and I’m sorry. I finished up Jack’s bi-lam 29er, spent a lot of time trying to finish rewiring the Dart, went to NAHBS and started another frame.

Here’s a mediocre phone picture of what is undoubtedly one of my best frames. A mix of Columbus Zona, True Temper OX Platinum and Dedacciai Zero Due with some good ¬†ol’ 4130 mixed in. Internal brake cable routing and Black Cat Swinger dropouts. I’ll try to get some good pictures after it’s painted.

I started a 700c commuter bike recently, and it’s pretty basic. Fillet brazed, track dropouts and rack/fender mounts.

In the back ground you can see my new (old) arbor press. My buddy Nathan scored it for $30 on my behalf from a fab shop next to his office that was liquidating all it’s gear. Thanks, Nathan. More posts up soon, but that’s it for now.