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The end of cool

This one is done. Single speed, Black Cat dropouts, internal brake cable routing crossing over from right to left, and the chainring piece added to the seatstay brace. I also mitered the seatstays to attach to the side of the seat tube, instead of the back. I like it that way, and I think I’ll make a habit of it. After all, I’m still finding my style here. Look for this bike to be ripping around North Texas soon.



Better than last time

The internal cable routing is done. I like the new way a lot better than the old way I did it, and I think it looks a lot better.

I’ll be back tomorrow.

Never Say Never Again

Is not only the title of a highly underrated Bond movie, but what I am thinking today.

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you might remember I said I’d never do his again.  Well, The first one was a great learning experience, and it actually turned out good in the end. Since then, I’ve been mulling over the lessons I learned and made adjustments to the process. It went a lot faster this time, and I think it will look even better in the end. I capped the entry and exit last time, but I decided to go with a jet port style this time.

That gets brazed all around and then I’ll file it down so that it just sticks up above the surface of the tube a little bit. It will have an oval shaped lip all around the hole.

This one goes in one side and out the opposite, to accommodate a rear brake on the left side. Aka moto style.

Add flux

Add heat and silver

Now it’s cooling off and pretty soon I’ll go and steam all the flux off. Then I’ll start filing it down all smooth and pretty.  More tomorrow.

Commander Cool

I just started another 29er single speed. This one’s a stout one, too. Inch and a half Supertherm down tube, 1 3/8 Verus heat treat top tube. Ain’t no wimpy nuclear apocalypse gonna tear this bad boy up.

More pics of this one in the next couple of days.

Monster Cross home stretch

The MC is almost done. I’m waiting on the direct mount front derailleur so I can mock everything up before brazing on the front derailleur mount. The mount and the head badge will go on and it will be done. Then, paint parts and pics.


I’l be starting a new one tomorrow, I’ve been getting all the little stuff ready for this next frame for a few days, but I’ll start cutting tubes and fitting it up in the morning. Til then, see ya!

Bonus pics!



I got a some pics of Brent’s dirt road bike in my email a day or two ago. It’s a temporary rattlecan paint job that will hold it over until he can send it off to Spectrum for some proper treatment.

That’s a little bit better, right? I should have some good fixture pics and more monster cross in a couple of days.

Magnolia Cycles – Smoked out

Hey, check out Michael from Memphis and Magnolia Cycles while I work on getting some content together.