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Done deal

That’s what Herb’s bike is today, a done deal. I shipped him the frame Monday, he got it and built it up Thursday and took it on a camping/riding trip he was taking for the weekend. He sent me this pic (presumably from his iPhone) and said the handling and the fit were both perfect. He also promised me some high resolution pics when he gets it back from powdercoat.

I start another 29er very soon, that will be going to the same place.


More stem

The stem for Cleo’s bike is almost done.

There is one of the binders ready to be brazed on. It got one on the bottom too, and after it’s done soaking I’ll file the joints and cut the face plate off. I’ll clean up the edges and it’ll be done:) Tomorrow I’ll make her fess up her bike and I’ll put the stem on to make sure she likes the new position. Then it’s off to paint!

Smoked Out

That’s the name of a new section of the Velocipedesalon forums that was created so each person in the framebuilding forum can tell his story, whether he’s a seasoned pro like Carl Strong or a guy in a garage just starting to roll like me.

It’s the brainchild of Richard Sachs, who seems kind of like the godfather of the framebuilding community. He explains the forum better than I:

“We have over 120 folks registered at the V Salon who are framebuilders, be they a career pro or hobbyist. I decided it would be wonderful for each and every one of them to tell his story. Not all of it. But some of it—enough so readers would get a sense of the cat, his beginnings, muses, experiences, and even favorite colors if they exist. The way it works is this: All 120+ folks were told of the project, and on a first-come, first-served basis, the builder gets to start a thread about himself and hold court. Threads will be added once or twice a week.”

So I thought it would be cool to put my name on the list and whadaya know, my turn has come around already.

So you can go here and read my write-up and the following Q&A. It’s not nearly as long as some, but there’s all of 100 people who know who I am so I wasn’t expecting to get much traffic. It’s still pretty cool and actually educational on my part as well. I’ve had a few questions that really made me think, and that’s good. While you’re there, you should read the rest of them. You’ll learn about some pretty good builders, and then head over to the Friday Night Lights section where builders post pics of their current projects every week.


I took this one outside and got some better pics. It’s all done except the braze ons.

The bosses on the underside of the down tube are for a Crud Catcher. I’m told that’s an east coast necessity. Anyway, I’m getting ready to build the wheels for this beast, too. I forgot to pick up the rims today, Maybe I can get down to the bike shop tomorrow.


I got the logos for the down tube and left side chainstay figured out recently, so I’ll post them up.

That’s for the down tube

and that one goes on the non drive chainstay.

Herb’s 29er

The DC flyer is almost done. The seatstays are cooling, and after that it’s just the braces and cable guides.

Yeah, that’s tape. Green 3M masking tape to be exact. It’s my friend:)

It’s gonna soak in a few minutes, then it’ll be brace time. The seatstays are thinner upper tubes, and larger diameter lower tubes. They’re lighter, and I think the ride quality will be just as good. The stuff I used on the uppers before was overkill. Anyway, I’ll get some pics of the rest of it up soon, provided my camera lives. It’s on life support, so keep your fingers crossed.

Stem fixture

I’ve been playing around with a stem fixture for a while, but I finally got one going. It will probably get refined in the future, but it’s pretty solid as it is. Here it is with the beginnings of a stem in place.

Here are the bits of the stem for Cleo’s bike, ready for a tube to connect them.That’s it, more later.