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Engin Cycles – Smoked Out

Drew at Engin builds some great bikes. TIG, lugs, fillet brazed, or any combination joining together steel, stainless and carbon fiber. You should definitely check out his thread, and then head over and check out his blog and Flickr stream.


New fork and new paint

I finished the tube fork for myself, and here it is.

Notice the nice brake mount from Paragon Machine Works. I like it, and it was a breeze to fit up.

Also, Cleo’s bi-lam 29er is back from paint. I got it all built up today and took some pics.

Yes, those are Campy C-Record pedals. I needed something to test ride it with, and that’s how we roll here.

I like this little detail right here.

And it just wouldn’t be her bike without the bee bell.

Groovy Cycleworks – Smoked Out

Rody at Groovy is in Smoked Out this week. One of my favorite builders, Rody comes from the old days of mountain biking when things still came in neon and you could still buy American made cnc derailleurs. Some guys only build frames, and only learn what skills they need as a means to that end. Some guys learn all the skills they can, and frames happen to be one of the endless possibilities they see in raw materials. I consider myself to be the latter, and Rody is a king amongst my people.

Oh dear…

This just in from ECTO:

And here’s an outside pic

Nice work from Len at Figure Finishing in Manassas Park, VA.

Forkin around

I’m working on a road frame, but I really want to get a new fork on my mtb. So, I blew off the roadie (sorry Mike) and got started on another segmented tubular fork for me. This one’s a bit beefier than the last one, because it was just a tad delicate. Besides, I’ve learned a ton since then and I can build a much better fork. And better looking, too:) Face it, that’s what it’s really about. If it wasn’t about cool factor, we’d all be riding flat black Treks with 105 or SRAM 7.0

Here it is

The legs are going to get cut off right above the crown, but I won’t do that ’til I’m ready to braze them.

Some nice wide Wright style dropouts from Paragon Machine Works

You can see the lug contour under the tape.  I’ll get that thing brazed up tomorrow, probably. I’ll be ready to get back to work on Mike’s road machine Monday:)

YiPsan Bicycles in Smoked Out (and bonus Edoz content!)

Renold Yip is a Boulder Co builder that had a couple of slick commuter bikes at NAHBS in Richmond. He does really nice work and you should read about him.

I’m gonna leave you with a few pics of the road frame I’ve got going.

A Zona tubeset, with straight stays.

A Long Shen crown for the Dedacciai fork blades. The crown has a 7 degree offset, so you can get the desired rake with straight blades.

I would post some seat tube sleeve pics, but you’ve seen those before. Have a good one and go give Renold some love:)

Road ready

I started another bi-laminate frame today. This one’s a road frame from Columbus Zona tubing. Traditional stage race geometry, it should be a real comfy ride.  This one’s also going out east to ISM Racing.

All I have done are the half lugs, but here they are.