Fillet brazed steel bikes, handcrafted in Oklahoma.

Door open Thursday

There was a steady rain and a nice 60 degree temp today after I got home from work. Perfect for working with the shop door open.

I got the chainstays on this road frame mitered, dimpled and ready to attach. The braze ons are going on the main tubes, and then it’s tack and roll. Tack the tubes together, that is, and then pull it out of the fixture, check alignment and start brazing joints. That will happen tomorrow, but for now you get some mediocre phone pics. I will try to have some good quality dslr pics tomorrow as well.

Life chainstays with the short taper. They look cool, and are plenty stiff.

Here’s one suffereing the wrath of “The Subjugator”

The aftermath of wrath.

Here it sits. It’s gonna be a screamer.


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