Fillet brazed steel bikes, handcrafted in Oklahoma.

More Monster Cross

I’m getting real close to finishing this thing up, all that’s left is some finish work on the rear end and the cable stops. Right now it’s drying out after soaking, and then I spend some quality time with a set of files and a roll of 80 grit.

Here’s one from filing the front end a couple of days ago. Next is one from right after I brazed the chainstays on.

The flux is still on it, that’s what the weird brown/tan/white ish splotches are.  That stuff cools hard as glass, but it soaks off in hot water. Those fillets laid down pretty smooth, so they won’t require a whole lot of elbow grease to finish out.

There it sits, dripping on the floor in front of the fan. It’s got clearance for a 1.9″ rear tire in there:) I’m thinking a set of Nanoraptors will work great with this bike. I’m still waiting on the front derailleur and mount, I’ve decided to try one of the new Shimano direct mount setups. It’ll get me a bit more tire clearance in the front derailleur area, and if it becomes a standard I guess it’d be good to try it out now. Maybe make a fixture for it, too. That’s it for today, I’ll be posting more pics when I get the rer and cleaned up and put the little stuff on.

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