Fillet brazed steel bikes, handcrafted in Oklahoma.

Tour debrief

Well, the tour went fairly well. A bit too much gravel road and a trip to a winery were offset by a couple of cool old bridges, a great burger, some damn fine salsa, an order of fries that were some of the best I’ve ever had and the biggest wolf spider I’ve ever seen. No rack mounts failed, so as promised I’ll show you the setup.

A simple nut welded to the dropout. Yes, that’s a Nuke Proof hub.

A piece of tubing with a bolt brazed head first into one end. The other end is flattened, with a hole drilled through for an extra long seatpost binder bolt. . The rack tube is cross drilled, and the brazed in bolt goes through the hole.  This bike’s replacement will have full rack and fender mounts.

That’s it for now, more this weekend. I’ll leave you with another Smoked out link, this time the man himself, Richard Sachs.

Richard Sachs – Smoked Out


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