Fillet brazed steel bikes, handcrafted in Oklahoma.

Cleo’s 29er 3

I’ve got a little bit done today, so here’s the scoop

There’s the seat tube with the sleeve where it needs to be. I take it back off and coat everything with flux, then slide it back on.

Back to the old stand by Gasflux blue flux for this deal. I’m just not used to the stuff I got from Freddy Parr yet, and I really don’t want to have crappy penetration here.  This sleeve is gonna have the top tube and the seatstays brazed to it, and it’s an important structural area.

You heat everything up and when it’s a dull cherry red it’s hot enough for the brass to melt and wick in between the tubes. Capillary action, just like in 7th grade science class. (Who knew you’d ever care about that after the test?)  You feed the rod in at the edge, and then you can move the flame over the surface and the brass underneath will follow the heat, allowing you to pretty much fill the whole space. This also lets you remove blobs at the edges, by moving the brass until it finds a spot to flow into.

Done. Now it’s in the sink, soaking the flux off. I might get more done tonight, and if I do it’ll get posted tomorrow.


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