Fillet brazed steel bikes, handcrafted in Oklahoma.

I’m alive!

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve updated. I’ve got some new stuff to show you though.

First off, Brent’s frame is done. I’m waiting on a 100mm dummy axle for my fork jig so I can build his fork. Should start happening in a few days. I’m also starting a 29er for Cleo. Here’s the pics, because I know that’s what you come for.

This is Brent’s wishbone, with little tube scraps brazed on the ends of the tubes. I’ve filed a radius into the tube ends, so when you cap them with a piece of tubing and file away the excess it makes a nice cap.

After that, I brazed the upper rack bosses in.

Then the fender mount.

Then it’s ready to put on the frame.

Next, it needs a brake cable hangar so I made one on my lathe.

Brazed it on a piece of tubingand then it goes on the frame, along with a stainless chainstay protector. I cut a piece of tubing into 3rds lengthwise for this.

File it a lot, and braze it on.

The last thing is the head tube badge.

After that it soaks, and I break out the 80 grit. I’ll get some good pics when it’s all together and Brent comes to pick it up.


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