Fillet brazed steel bikes, handcrafted in Oklahoma.


Yeah, this thing is finally in 4th gear. Pulled it out of the sink, and put the files to it. It didn’t turn out too bad, and it didn’t take a whole lot of time either.


Straight out of the soak.


After some lovin’. There are a couple of low spots, no big deal really but I’ll fill them with silver later. At this point anything is purely cosmetic, I could leave them just like they are and no one would know any different. I’ll fill them with silver solder, because it melts at a much lower temp than the brass I used to make the fillets. (1220 deg vs 1650 deg) I can put just a dab on the low spots without reheating the joints significantly. The 56% silver solder I use is also thinner than brass, and at temp it’s much more liquid so it fills the tiny spots well. 56% is commonly used for lugged bikes, too.  Not for me yet though, so don’t get all excited;)


I gotta say I’m really happy with the way the bottom bracket joints turned out. These can be a real pain to smooth out, so the better you get them with the torch the less work it is. the sides of the seat tube/down tube junction are the hardest to get a file into so it was a good thing that these came out fairly smooth to begin with.

Anyway, my real job is trying to save money and overtime was the first thing they decided to cut back on. That means I have all weekend to work on this frame, but I’ll spend a little time on tooling, too.

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