Fillet brazed steel bikes, handcrafted in Oklahoma.

front triangle

IMG_8503There is the front end, getting some finish work. All the brazing is done, except for the bottle bosses and a couple of spots that will get a cosmetic fill with silver. It looks all rusty and nasty, but if I got these done faster it wouldn’t happen. Oh well. I start building the wishbone next, and I think instead of using 1/2″ straight gauge chromo for the seatstay lowers, I think I’m going to use a set of single taper 14mm seatstays.

Previously I’ve used 5/8″  .058 straight gauge chromo and turned down the outside to about a .030″ thickness for looks. This time I’ll bore the 5/8″ out to 14mm on the inside and use commercially available seatstays from True Temper.  Everything will end up being a bit larger in diameter, but a bit thinner and I think it will look better. It will also give me a tad more tube to join to the Breezer style dropouts I got from Paragon Machine works.


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